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Petaling Jaya Sports Facilities


Abdul Aliff Bin Mohamad

Mohammad Yusuf Bin Badri

Fadzirul Bin Abd Rahim

Petaling Jaya is a satellite city of the federal territory Kuala Lumpur

Petaling Jaya has an area of approximately 97.2 km²

Situated 15km from Kuala Lumpur City and 15km from Shah Alam

One of the biggest district in Selangor

Highly populated place

MBPJ Stadium

MBPJ Swimming Complex

True Fitness Centre

PKNS Sport Complex

MBPJ Stadium

Built in 1997 for the Commonwealth Games 1998 (rugby event)

Managed by The Community, Youth and Sports Department of Petaling Jaya

A multi-purpose stadium is used for soccer and rugby matches and athletic events

5500 parking lots are provided surrounding it

A landmark to the district Kelana Jaya because of its large and magnificient architecture

Capacity 20,000


Budget per month : RM21,000

All maintenance managed by contractors

Daily cleaning

>>Grass trimming: once per four


>>Fertilizing: twice a month

Last renovation 2007 (Painting)

Electrical and mechanical facilities which have malfunctioned or broken down will immediately be reported to the General Facilities Officer( Pegawai Kemudahan Am)

The officer then will give a report and paperwork to the Mechanical and Electrical Department (M&E)

The M&E department will then start the maintenance work.

Services Provided

Stadium rented to public user

Charge rates:

v For private company

Ø RM5,000 per day

Ø Deposit RM2,000

Ø RM350 per hours

v For Association or Government

Ø RM2350 per day

Ø Deposit RM1,000

Jabatan Kemasyrakatan Belia Dan Sukan

Interview with Mr. Shahril bin Jafri

(Sports Development Officer)

Activity Flow Chart

Identifying the activity

Chief clerk will make reservations with date

and venue for the activity

Secretary Officer(SO) will confirm the activity’s date and produce the

activity’s schedule

SO will prepare the paperwork

SO will present the paperwork to the YDP for


Customer’s Charter

MBPJ Swimming Complex

Opened on the 10th February 1987

Launched by the YAB Dato’ Menteri Besar Selangor, Tuan Muhammad bin Haji Muhd. Taib

Capacity : 1,000

Two 50m Olympic-sized pools

Managed by The Community, Youth and Sports Department of Petaling Jaya

Swimming pool

v Three section time periods

Ø 9 am – 12 pm

Ø 2 pm – 5 pm

Ø 6 pm – 9 pm

v Charge rates

Ø Adult – RM3

Ø Children – RM1

v Rented with charge rate

Ø RM2,000 from 7 am – 12 pm


Maintenance budget per month: RM27,000

All maintenance work managed by contractors

Ø Daily cleaning (between the periods)

Ø Water filtered pump : 7 am-11 pm

Ø Three times backwash per week


MBPJ Stadium

  1. Management building is very far away from the facilities. Thus, it is complicated for reservation’s procedure
  1. The outside surrounding is not perfectly maintained as the inside

MBPJ Swimming Complex

  1. The safety outside the walls of the complex endangers the passing by pedestrians
  2. The outside of the complex is poorly maintained

True Fitness Gymnasium

Opened in June 2007

Located in the Petaling Jaya sec 13 district

The True Fitness’s third centre after Hartamas and Subang Jaya

Founded by Mr. Patrick Wee in May 2005

Opens daily from 6am and closes at 12pm

Over 200 cardio machines

Cardio wave studio

Variety of Resistance & Free Weight Machines

Member’s Relaxation Lounge

Kid’s Nursery

Sauna and Steam rooms for males and females

Over 70 shower rooms for males and females

Over 1000 lockers


30 m outdoor swimming pool

8000 sq feet of indoor and outdoor spa pavalions

Group eXercise classes - Group eXercise is a dynamic range of music-oriented programmes

Yoga and dance classes - over 20 classes, divided into three levels which are beginners, intermediates, advances classes

Personal Trainings and Fitness Lessons

Sauna and Steam Bathings

Food and beverages

Ampang Sports Facilities


Ampang, Selangor is a suburban municipality located in the districts of Hulu Langat and Gombak in the state of Selangor after the partitioning of Ampang for the creation of the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur. This part of Ampang is under the administration of the Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya (MPAJ).

2.1 Organization Structure


All the sports facilities are manage by the department of Jabatan Belia dan Masyarakat. This department is responsible in the usage of the facilities and manages any event in Ampang area. The maintenance is under the Engineering Department.

2.2 Facilities Provided

Facilities managed under MPAJ was Dewan Dato’ Ahmad Razali, Dewan Perbandaran, Dewan Ampang Jaya, Dewan Tasek Tambahan, Dewan Cheras Baru, Dewan Cempaka, Kompleks Muhibbah, Gelanggang Futsal Kg. Pandan Dalam, and also Padang Bola Sepak TAsik Tambahan. Most of the facilities offered badminton and takraw court. Other than that, it also rented for the wedding ceremony.

2.2.1 Dewan Dato’ Ahmad Razali

Location: In front of Ampang Police Station.

Facilities provided at Dewan Dato’ Ahmad Razali are:

· 4 badminton court

· 1 stage

· 24 fans

· 27 tungsten lamps

· 14 spot light

· Parking space

· VIP room

· Changing room

· Toilet

· 24 tungsten lamps at the stage


Badminton court Lighting and fan system at the wall


Parking space Toilet


VIP and changing room Lighting system at the ceiling

2.2.2 Dewan Perbandaran

Facilities provided at Dewan Perbandaran are:

· 3 badminton court

· 8 speaker

· 8 fans

· 2 prayer room

· 35 spot light

· 2 toilets

· 2 store

· Parking space

· 1 guard room at the entrance


View from entrance Guard room


Parking space Lighting system at the ceiling


Badminton court Stage


Sound system (speaker) Toilet and shower room

2.2.3 Dewan Tasek Tambahan

Location: Taman Tasek Tambahan

Facilities provide at Dewan Tasek Tambahan are:

· 1 badminton court

· 14 set tungsten lamp

· 10 fans

· 1 stage

· 2 goal posts

· 2 toilet


View from the entrance View from the side


View of badminton court and stage Lamp and fan system at the wall


Storage area Toilet

2.2.4 Dewan Cheras Baru

This hall has been build since 1970

Facilities provided at Dewan Cheras Baru are:

· 1 badminton court

· 10 fans

· 47 tungsten lamps

· 2 toilets

· 1 stage

· 1 shower room

· 1 prayer room

· 1 storage area


Badminton court Storage area


IMG_0699IMG_0697 Prayer room Unused basketball field

Fire extinguish Toilet

2.2.5 Dewan Cempaka

Location: Taman Cempaka

Facilities provided at Dewan Cempaka are:

· 3 badminton court

· 22 fans

· 12 spot light

· 4 long chairs for spectators

· 14 exit doors

· 1 main entrance

· 8 tungsten lamp at the stage and 3 spot light

· 2 changing room

· 4 toilets

· 2 shower room

· 2 guards

· 1 notice board


View from the entrance View from the side


Guard Lighting system


Badminton court Air system (fan)

2.2.6 Kompleks Muhibah

Location: Taman Nirwana

Facilities provided at Kompleks Muhibah are:

· 5 takraw and badminton court

· Prayer room

· 2 toilets

· 1 management office


Parking space Lighting system


Toilet Stall on the courts


Management office Multipurpose courts

2.2.7 Kg. Pandan Dalam Futsal Court

Location: Near the Ampamg Tesco. Besides Highway

Facilities provide at futsal court Kg. Pandan Dalam:

· 1 court

· 2 goal post


View from outside unwell maintenance court


Unsafety goal post Children Park

2.2.8 Tasek Tambahan Football Field

Location: Taman Tasek Tambahan

Facilities provide at football field Tasek Tambahan are:

· 1 field

· 2 goal post


View from outside View from outside

2.2.9 Kompleks Sukan Ampang Jaya

Facilities provide at Ampang Jaya Sports Complex are:

· 3 takraw and badminton court

· 1 basketball court

· 1 volleyball court

· 1 football field with 2 set goal post

· 1 stage

· 4 set goal post of street soccer

· 4 spot light pole (6 lamps)

· 6 spot light pole (4 lamps)

· 2 spot light pole (2 lamps)


View from main entrance Takraw and badminton court


Football field Basketball court


Surface of basketball court Football field


Football goal post Mini goal post


Mini goal post Mini goal post


Stage Spot light

2.3 Managing Facilities

All facilities are under Jabatan Belia dan Masyarakat responsibilities. Engineering Department covered the maintenance of the facilities. If any problem comes, the workers that duty at the facilities will report to the both department to take any action. No continuous maintenance for all facilities under MPAJ. Maintenance job will be done if they receive any report.

2.4 Facilities Planning

MPAJ master plan was not good because resident at that area had already live there before MPAJ was established. So, they cannot adjust to much the residential area to build proper facilities because it takes so much risk like the house, road and many more. That is what happened to the sport facilities they built. They just can build at the empty space only. For example the tennis court beside the highway in front of Tesco has been change to be futsal court. It was not suitable for user safety and health. The facilities also not enough to handle too many user at one time.

At every facility, MPAJ has put the rule and regulation to the people who want to use the facilities. For example:-

i) If people want to use the facilities, they need to apply to MPAJ at the counter OSC at

level 4 by using Borang Tempahan Dewan.

ii) To use the facilities they need to get the approval from Pegawai Penilaian and

Pengurusan Harta first.

iii)The application should be send 2 month before the date they want to use.

2.5 Event Planning

MPAJ also make an event for the public. For example football clinic, taekwondo tournament, futsal tournament, hiking and DUN Cempaka sport community. This event was good for the new generation which is get them to know the important of sport and also bring them to achieve to the higher level. Below was the example of article that the MPAJ has advertised:


TARIKH : Bermula 15 Januari 2008

HARI : Setiap Hari Khamis sepanjang tahun 2008

MASA : 4.00 petang sehingga 6.00 petang

TEMPAT : Padang AU 2, Taman Keramat.

PESERTA : 30 orang.

AKTIVITI : Asas Bola Sepak / Dribling / Taktikal / Teknikal





Tarikh : 23 – 25 Mei 2007

Masa : 8.00 pagi

Tempat : Dewan Dato’ Ahmad Razali

Peserta : 100 orang.




2.6 Financial Planning

Every facilities that used need to pay to the MPAJ.


Above was the example of payment and amount of each facilities that have been provided by the MPAJ. From our view, eventhough the users need to pay if they want to use the facilities, the facilities still not well maintained. Most of the public facilities are damage and can cause injuries to the users.

2.7 Risk Management

No proper maintenance for the facilities, so, it provide dangerous and can cause injury to the users. For example, futsal court at Kg. Pandan. Most of the facilities don’t have proper safety such as guard. Besides that, there’s no emergency plan except at Dewan Dato’ Ahmad Razali.